Fort Meyers Beach



We hunkered down on a mooring in Fort Meyers Beach until Jan 30th to let some foul weather roll through and to shake out some continued problems with Sea Alice (what we affectionately call our dingy).  We enjoyed checking out the beach and the colorful people that visit and live there.  We heard some great blues at a beach side pub and had a memorable meal at S.O.B’s.

What we will probably remember the most about Fort Meyers Beach is an argument between a couple on the sailboat next us.   The woman was standing in her dinghy pulled up next to their boat ripping him a fresh new one.  He was calmly sitting there taking it whilst feeding the seagulls scrap bread.  The gulls were working themselves into a similar squealing frenzy.  The more she yelled the closer to her the man would toss the bread until he was tossing it over her head and she was screeching exactly like the gulls swooping around her.  I wondered if perhaps she would turn into a seagull and fly away leaving a little something on his head.  Maybe this is how seagulls were created.  I will be far more careful the next time I yell at John as I do not think I’d like being a gull.  Maybe if I’m peaceful and playful enough I will learn the dolphin’s creation story and join them.


We left the mooring Monday morning, dieseled up and headed to the inner coastal.  We rolled passed shrimping boats on the way out.  We met a man from the shrimping business the night before.  He told us that generally 3 crew members go out on a shrimping boat for about 3 weeks.  They work sun down to sun up casting and dragging enormous nets almost a third of a mile long 90 feet deep into the gulf.  They haul in the shrimp, hand sort them according to size and immediately freeze them in salted brine and in nets not unlike onion sacks.  This man’s business was picking up the shrimp when the boats come in and having the shrimp transported to a wholesaler in St Petersburg and other locations.




One observation John had about Fort Myers Beach Marina and parts of Florida in general is that now he knows where the Apple River deposits it’s float-sum into the Gulf of Mexico.  Apparently people who don’t work like it where its warm!  Also, one cool thing about Florida is that all the music is from our era.


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