And We’re Off!

And we’re off on the slowest race in the universe to nowhere.

Echoes purrs like a kitten after having all of her insides tended to and her surfaces massaged and waxed.  We pulled out of Marco Thursday morning, January 26th, waving to my  parents in their condo.


My parent’s condo is just off of John’s left shoulder.


We mostly motored due to the nonexistent wind and point of sail we were on.  We’re not complaining as the weather was beautiful.  Here we are going by Naples.




We did throw out the jib for a while to sail.


We are currently moored at Fort Meyers Beach.  We spent the evening on the boat and plan to go inland today.  From here  we will venture out to Pine Island Sound and Boca Grande.


The Grill Master spent half of a year researching the perfect grill and mount complete with custom wood chip smoker.  His efforts paid off with two awesome tenderloins to kick this adventure off right.

8 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. Bon Voyage! I remember a BVI vacation with Candis and family many years ago. So I assume semi retirement is the way to go? Retirement was highly encouraged by our cycling friends in Myanmar/Burma. hummmmmmm


  2. So excited you’re off and sailing! I dream about where you are, and what you are seeing everyday. Safe travels to the both of you. Miss you much❤


  3. Congratulations guys!!! So excited for you & wish you all the best in your cruising adventures!!! Look us up if you stop over in Miami. We will follow your blog & Hope to see you in the Bahamas in the fall.
    Matt & Sadie


    1. Thanks!!! We will be sure to look you up if in Miami and would love to reconnect anywhere. Our plans are for fl and dry tortugas the next couple of months and then back to mn for a while. Who knows after that. Let’s stay in touch. Take care. John and Candis


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