Blogging Blunder of Biblical Bits

Greetings my dear followers.  I am two weeks behind on posts due to lack of internet, lack of time, lack of sense of humor (kidding) or combinations thereof.  I am trying to catch up.  As I was loading new pictures (275 new pictures of birds alone) there was a warning that I was running out of media space.  No problem, I thought, I will just delete the 300 plus pictures out of my media folder to make room for more.  And…POOF!  All of my past pictures from the previous posts are gone.  Vanished.  Capootz.   Nothing.  Blank.  Forever deleted.  No turning back.  Zilch.  Hell by push of a button.

I am technically challenged.  No, really, it’s true.  My tech support manager did everything in his power but no luck.  I have researched this to the bottom of google.   I am reloading my pictures one by one.  I can not just simply save them again but must repost the blog.  I don’t think you will be bombarded with around 30 posts but I simply don’t know.   I am very sorry if you are.  Just ignore me.  John doesn’t have too much trouble with that and I hope you don’t as well.

My next real updated post will be about Bahia Honda.  I will probably get to that in 2018.

Ta ta for now, Crabby Candisdunce


(I have learned so much from this blunder.  Like, that I could hide this page from our blog and just my followers would get it in the form of an email.  Pretty smart, huh?  However, because I got my technical support manager involved like the big dumby I am, he un-hid it, added the picture and posted it.  He finds my pain very humorous.)




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