What is the Catalina 42 MKII ?

What is the Catalina 42 MK11?  She is a floating adventure maker.  She is your front row seat to the best sunsets, moon rises and sunrises you’ll ever see.  She is your own personal dolphin producing machine.  She is a priceless vessel that sucks money right from your pockets.  But, you fall in love with her so hard and so fast that you throw your hard earned money up in the air and scream, “Give her anything she wants!”  She has been Catalina’s number one selling production boat for over 20 years.  She is a great value, has excellent quality and has stood the test of time.  She is day sail friendly as well as liveaboard comfortable.  We live on her five months out of the year.  She is the perfect size and extremely well designed.  She is the only boat in her price range that met Captain Researchtilyoudrop’s approval.

Here is a review that provides a good overview of our Catalina MKII, Echoes.

Catalina 42 MK II review 1

We have the two cabin with Pullman berth with the layout below.


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