The Inspection

Closing on the purchase of a boat is contingent upon accepting the results of an inspection by a certified marine surveyor.  You pay the surveyor a bunch of money and he goes through the entire boat from rig to keel including (almost) all the electrical and mechanical systems.  (Ours missed checking the batteries but a thousand dollars later we had brand new ones!)  Part of the inspection is the haul out to check the hull and other bits hidden below the waterline.

The boat was located just south of Miami.  For our inspection we needed to sail the boat up the Miami River to the boat yard for the haul out.  The boat weighs about 22,000 lbs so the lift used for the haul out is not small.


View of Miami to the north on inspection day.  Shot taken in Biscayne Bay.

Lift bridge in Miami River and haul out at boat yard


My broker letting me know the check I’ve written for the haul out (in the envelope) is the first of many!








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